Wednesday, January 30, 2008


"I can't believe I'm so old. I don't feel 85, I feel about 50. That's an old age. I would never tell anyone how to live their life, you should never advise someone of what to do. I think they should make up their own minds not to be frivolous or running here and running there. I was advised and I was given good advice but I never took it. The trouble with me is that I was a headstrong kid that couldn't be talked to. You figure you know everything and don't want to be told anything. Some are lucky with chances and others pass them up, chances to benefit yourself.

"Eighty-five and I can't believe it. I never worked hard. I took fancy as they came. I'm not sorry, because I had a good time. I traveled a lot. I had no responsibilities. I never give advice. The advice you'd give them would probably go screwy. At my age I should keep my mouth shut and be a good listener. "

- Irving Snell

(originally published in The Duplex Planet #153, 1999)


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